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Tree removal might first seem like a relatively simple task.  In reality, it’s both more exhausting and more dangerous than it appears in most media.  Therefore, if you want trees off your property, you should hire a professional arborist.

In some cases, you may want tree trimming rather than a full removal.  Tree and hedge trimming is not without its complications.  The person doing the job needs to know what to trim, and also how to keep the tree from dripping sap all over its surroundings.

When it comes to stumps, it’s best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.  Once again, stump removal is not a job for amateurs.  Its roots can go deep into the ground, and they can be very heavy. Stump grinding is the preferred method of handling this problem.  Here, a specialized machine uses a powerful wheel to grind the stump into mulch.

At Pete’s Tree Care, we can provide you with the specialists for your landscaping needs. If you just need to clean it up, we can trim it and make sure its beauty is restored. If you need trees to be removed immediately, we provide emergency services for your convenience. Perhaps you need the opposite and request our tree planting services. Having your own tree provides shade for your outdoor living space and even fresh fruits.

We’re proud to do all this and more for the residents of Pittsburg, CA.  Contact us today to clear or trim unwanted overgrowth.